The Corona Diaries – Day 254

I had to write a short story for my writing group this morning so I was late going for my walk. I didn’t hit the road until late afternoon which meant that I did part of my walk in the dark. The days are drawing in. It is less than three weeks to the winter solstice. Can’t wait. We’ll be out prancing naked in the cold morning air to welcome the sunrise. Well, I might think of it while I’m wrapped up warm in bed!

During this 254 days of isolation our days have become a repeating pattern. It becomes rather mindless and tedious. I’m really beginning to crave some interaction with friends, some hugs, some films at the cinema, gigs and meals, some laughter and stimulation. This is like a slow death.

I get up, have breakfast, read a little, publish a few things on the blog, go for a two-hour walk, have lunch, do some writing/editing, play some music, sort out emails and blog responses, publish a couple of reports, do some more writing, have a meal with a glass or two of wine, watch some sport or drama on the TV.

It’s a bit like death. It’s becoming so monotonous!!

Roll on that vaccine! I want out of this prison!

Today I produced a short story, did a bit on my book editing and played some Robert Johnson. This evening I’ll watch some football! But I’m running out of enthusiasm!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland Trump is still in meltdown living in cloud cuckooland along with his hardcore supporters. Despite losing the election by 6.2 million votes and 306 t0 232 on the electoral college he is rampaging around like a spoilt brat claiming massive fraud and rigged voting machines. The man’s a dangerous fool! Today the US Attorney General, who is an ally of Trump and has been investigating came out and said there was no evidence of any fraud. I suppose Trump will sack him too!! But there are signs that he is beginning to panic. He knows there’s a whole lot of litigation coming his way over the lies, tax evasion and deals he’s been making. He’s saying he’s going to pardon his children and Giuliani. Massive double think going on here. If they haven’t done anything wrong why pardon them? The truth is that the whole pox of them are up to their necks in illegal acts. I wonder if he’ll use a mirror to pardon himself?

I suppose all this obsession with fraud is stopping him doing even more damage. Yesterday the rate of new cases went up to 184,174!! There was a record number of deaths – 2,607!! Why isn’t the idiot doing something???

At least here in the UK we went into lockdown and have managed to get the virus down to 13,429 new cases but the death rate has soared to 603!!

Brazil, with the other bonkers President, has gone back up to 50,909 new cases with 697 deaths.

These populist leaders are killing more people that world wars!

New Zealand and Vietnam are showing how it should be done – 8 new cases between them and no deaths!

There was an announcement today that the Pfizer vaccine has won approval and could be out in a week or two. The debate is who will get it first!

I’ve been faking my I.D. – I’m now 97, in an extremely vulnerable group with multiple serious medical conditions and I’m a key worker for the NHS. I’m hoping that’ll get me a jab and enable me to get back to normal!!

I’m off to cook a seafood risotto then watch the match and an episode of The Bridge!!

Stay safe!!