The Corona Diaries – Day 15

This is our fifteenth day in isolation. We went out for our usual hour walk. It is good to be able to walk miles down the country lanes, hardly passing a soul. A bit dour here, ominous clouds and a cold wind, but a nice walk. It is strange not seeing friends, no gigs, cinema or theatre – and no sport!! All a bit weird.

I’m still busy writing, reading and sorting photos. I’ve got enough to do but I’ve noticed my focus is not as good. I’m getting a little lethargic.

It’s nice to see royalty and the government getting down with the people!! I notice they get tested while my son doesn’t!

We are eating well – fresh salad from our organic growers and free-range eggs from the farms.

I’m watching the politics of this disease with interest. America is looking down the barrel of a catastrophe. So slow off the mark, so complacent. We weren’t much better. This has been predicted for years yet no contingency plans were brought in.

Lessons to be learnt.

Is this down to a trade-off between the economy and health? How many deaths are acceptable?

We now know that money can be found for the NHS and we can get the homeless off the streets if we want.

Things have changed forever.

Perhaps we will start valuing public servants a lot better and realise what they contribute to society??? Perhaps???

The irony is that the novel I started writing in January is about bacteria farming humans. It has become very topical!!

So here I am in my study. Elmore James is blaring out and I am writing.

Good luck to you all! Stay safe.