Brexit Trade Deals – Chris Riddell cartoon

Once we had free trade with our neighbours, seamless, with no tariffs or red tape.

We threw it away.

Now we have restrictions, tariffs and mounds of red tape.

Instead of shipping goods a few miles across the channel we are looking to ship it to the other side of the world. As if that makes any sense?? The extra costs?? The extra fuel used?? The extra transport?? The extra greenhouse gasses and pollution?? The extra time???

Does this make any sense??

On top of that we are now beginning to see the effects of these wonderful new deals with those glittering opportunities – the opportunity to buy food smothered in chlorine and stuffed with hormones. The opportunity to retire all our hill farmers and crofters. The opportunity to destroy more rainforest abroad. The opportunity to pay more for less. The opportunity to employ more customs officers. The opportunity to fill in forms. The opportunity to duplicate all the work we were doing with our neighbours (at huge cost). The opportunity to fall out massively with our friends.

Thanks John Peachey for sending it through.