How far Britain has fallen under these populist liars!

We used to be a bastion of truth and reliability. We used to be thought of as honourable and trustworthy. Now we’re just a bunch of lying toe-rags out for a quick buck!

First Rishi is caught out then Javid. They’re all at it.

Rishi Sunak did nothing illegal.

The only reason these things are legal is so Rishi, Javid, Rees-Mogg and the rest can avail themselves of these benefits!

This isn’t about legality; it’s about morality!!

They make the laws.

If they made it legal to shoot poor people that would not make it right!

Cost of Living Crisis – Does Billionaire Rishi Sunak really understand?

The world rich Tories live in is one of opulence and indulgence. Their champagne isn’t going up in price. The idea of families actually starving is either beyond their understanding or not something they care about. As long as the overworked, freezing, starving poor continue to vote for them (which for some unfathomable reason they do) they don’t give a monkeys.

The world Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson inhabit is on another planet.