Today I wear Black

Today I wear Black

Today I shall wear black

In recognition

Of our lessening power and influence.

I shall wear black

In recognition

Of our weakening economy.

I shall wear black.

I shall wear black

In protest

At our jingoistic nationalism.

I shall wear black

For our loss.

For the loss of cooperation,

For the loss of my grandchildren’s dreams.

I shall wear black.

I will wear black

For the Eton boys and bankers

Who conned us

With their fear-ridden vision

From which they will profit greatly

I shall wear black.

I wear black for the victims of the next war

Born of isolation and arrogance.

I shall wear black

For the nostalgia

For a time that never was

For the Dunkirk spirit and terror of the Blitz

For rationing and poverty

As if these were wonderful.

And I shall wear black

For the things that we must now endure

The inequality and lies

The privilege and ignorant masses

I shall wear black.

For if we really understood

We should all wear black.

Opher – 31.1.2020

As we came out of the EU, burdening ourselves with more red tape and removing opportunities from our kids, it is a time of loss and sadness.

Wearing black is appropriate at such times.

Poetry – Drilling Holes

Drilling Holes

Drilling holes in people.

Drilling holes in teeth.

Drilling holes in rock.

We’re always drilling holes.

Letting out the blood

The disease and oil.

Lubricating health, wealth and self.

We’re busy drilling holes.

Time to stop and look at the whole.

Opher 12.12.2017

I wrote this a year ago and sat on it because it wasn’t quite clear to me. I finished it today.

All too often we are focused in on tiny aspects without glimpsing the whole of the universe, nature and self. There is a bigger picture that we are part of.

What are we doing to the planet? To our own psyche? Soon we will be gone and we will leave a hole.