Poetry – We Don’t Believe the Experts Anymore

We Don’t Believe the Experts Anymore

We don’t believe the experts anymore

We’d rather have fake news!

Who cares if it’s correct

So long as it supports our views.

Even if it allows the manipulators

To give us all the blues.

We don’t believe in global warming

Or that Brexit will do us harm.

We don’t believe nature’s being mangled

Or electing Trump is an alarm.

No forests are being chopped;

No elephants are being shot

And vicious hurricanes are not proof

That the planet’s getting hot.

We only believe in medieval texts

And fairies in the sky.

Things that we cannot see

And never question why.

We prefer to believe what we are told

By people on the net

For they only feed us with the truth

That needs no proof to vet.

Opher 26.12.2017

Now that nobody believes any experts anymore we can all believe what we like.

This is the new age of superstition, conspiracy theories and belief in internet garbage.

This is the age of great manipulation by the canny and powerful who can feed the gullible the lies to rouse them. They use the Goebbels principle of repeating lies often enough until they are accepted as truth.

We are fed with Brexit, Trump, Religion and Fascism. We are fed fears about immigration and Islam. We are incited to hate. This is the age where we believe in lies, where exaggeration is deployed and truth is the biggest victim.