Poetry – The Stench

The Stench

The stench of corruption

As Johnson paints his flat blue.

Fifty eight thousand pounds!

Should have gone to B&Q!

Opher – 26.4.2021

This is the man who claimed that his annual salary of £250,000 for writing a weekly column for the Telegraph was ‘chicken-feed’.

He earns £164,000 a year as PM (with all expenses paid, servants and a couple of free houses) and says he can’t manage.

He got the Tory Party, via donors, to chip in to illegally cover the costs of redecorating his flat to the tune of £58,000.

This is the present day Tory Party – an extreme group of corrupt liars run by an arch liar.

The sad thing is that no matter how corrupt they are, how many multimillion pound contracts they put out to their chums, how much they slash the public services and hammer the poor, people still vote for them.