Poetry – The Sleazebag and the Weasel

The Sleazebag and the Weasel

The Sleazebag and the weasel colluded one day

To dupe the population and change the state of play.

Through lying and cheating they stirred up everyone

And let loose the tabloid press to complete what they had done.

The weasel was a canny piece of vermin scum

Who wanted to blow the country to kingdom come.

The sleazebag was an over-privileged chancer

Who fancied himself a big romancer.

It was the weasel who pulled at the string

To get the sleazebag to dance and sing

Without an idea of what they were about

They stirred the pot and made us shout.

The weasel was a destructive psychopath

Devastation made him laugh and laugh.

The sleazebag was a jolly buffooning clown.

Together, they brought the country down.

Now we are all staring into the abyss

As the weasel leaves to give it a miss.

The sleazebag is left to go down with the ship

As the smiling weasel sets off on another trip.

Opher – 13.11.2020

It’s the jolly month of November. We’re in lockdown. Winter comes. We are heading down into the gloom.

I look at the silly games. Nobody knows what they are doing. There is no plan.

Dominic Cummings is off to brighter futures. Ours doesn’t look so hot. The clown is at the rudder.