Poetry – Follow the Naïve

Follow the Naïve


Anything we can think

Is possible.

We just need to believe.


If we were to listen

To the right people

And not those who deceive.


Imagine if it were

The naive ones we followed!

If we could only share their dreams;

And it was their ideals we borrowed!

What a world we’d build!


Opher – 5.1.2020



I do get fed up with people lecturing me about human nature. Most people I know are good, altruistic and worthy human beings. They’d go the extra mile. It is the minority who are greedy, selfish and violent.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the naïve idealists ran the world for the good of everyone (and nature). What a beautiful world it would be!

Human nature can be a wonderful thing. Human nature is not the preserve of the nasty!