Poetry – Addicted


I’m an addict –

I freely admit.

I simply can’t quit.

My addictions are many;

Too numerous to relate.

I’m completely resolved to my fate.

For an addict has no choice

But to give in and partake.

No will is great enough

To overcome the call

That comes straight from the soul.

My whole being is tied in

And there’s no escaping.

I’m hooked on breathing, seeing and thinking

Eating, drinking and love,

And that’s just the start of it.

There’s no escape

From the compulsive

Need for a fix.

The universe demands

And my body is weak.

A tumble drier of addictions go into the mix.

Perhaps tomorrow I will be strong enough

To cast them all aside.

I’ve tried weaning myself off

With a puff and a blink

But it triggers

Tsunamis of wonder in my head;

The universe is simply too good to ignore.

It overwhelms me

And I give in.

I think I’m addicted for life.

Opher 10.1.2017


Can one become addicted to the beauty of the universe? To love, friendship and communication? Can one crave to understand so strongly that it becomes a compulsion?

Is it better to go through life oblivious to the wonders around, with no desire to explore, investigate and understand? Is it better to go through life selfishly indulging in sensory pleasure without a thought for nature or other people? Could it be preferable to have no desire to read or think? Would life be better if there was no yearning to create?

Maybe it is? Maybe it is better not to feel too strongly? It is painful feeling the hurt that surrounds one. It is hard seeing the damage, cruelty and agonies inflicted without responding. It is stressful feeling the need to create.

But even though it may be painful it is better to feel than be numb. I am addicted to the wonders of this universe, to nature, creativity and life. It’s a set of addictions I never want to give up.