Pete Brown – the forgotten hero of Cream.

Pete Brown

A band is only as good as the material it plays. If the songs are poor quality then no matter how good they are the band will be mediocre.

Cream were exceptional.

Not only did they bring together three outstanding musicians in Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker but they operated with a clear philosophy. They knew the sound they wanted to capture and they did. Together they produced ground-breaking music that fired up the likes of Hendrix and raised the bar. None of them ever got close to the level they were at when they were together. Their brand of power-blues with Jazz improvisations and extended solos was unique at the time and startlingly brilliant. It has never been bettered. They were the ultimate power trio.

What is not so well documented or commented on is that it was Pete Brown who brought the power of his words to bear to create masterpieces such as Politician and Sunshine of Your Love. The collaboration between the Beat inspired poetry of Pete Brown and the musicianship of Jack Bruce created the backbone of Cream’s original work.

Pete’s lyrics were flowing with imagery and poetic nuance. They added that piquancy that took them that extra yard.

Pete needs to be lavished with praise for his contribution.

Goodbye Pete Brown you Battered Piblokto!

Another sad day. Pete Brown the Beat poet, lyricist, singer, musician and all-round crazy man has departed the building!

This is the guy who worked with Jack Bruce to create some of Cream’s best songs – White Room, Sunshine of Your Love, I Feel Free. He was there at the beginning with Alexis Korner putting his poems to music. Full of crouching tigers and shards of light.

I used to see him perform with Chris Spedding in nThe Battered Ornaments and then later with Piblokto. Always a character. Always larger than life.

Another great loss!!

Pete Brown and His Battered Ornaments – Raining Pins and Needles – YouTube