Poetry – Civilisation


A thin veneer.

A film of ice.

A wall of paper.

A tissue of lies.

A gossamer thread.

Civilisation is an illusion.

Through the thin skin

We can see the maggots squirm.

Pierce the fragile epidermis

And release reality.

It is peace that is unusual.

It is violence that is the norm.

All it takes is a nudge

To release the hate;

A prod or two

To elicit fury.

Inside, the tribal prejudice

Lies dormant,

Waiting for the spark,

To entice it into a blaze.

Always there are those

Who, for personal gain,

Are eager to release the beast,

To set it free

And profit from the carnage

In its wake.

For war is the normality of humanity.

Opher – 14.10.2019

I watch the racist thugs at the football stadia, the rise of Neo-Nazis, the division and hatred created by Johnson and Trump, and the nastiness of the far-right and I know – humanity is a violent, stupid species.

Throughout our history, we create wars, torture and enjoy abusing animals for fun. We have a nasty, brutal streak.

We love pain.

We are arrogant.

We love violence.

We never learn.

There is always someone who wants power or wealth at any cost. We are trashing the planet for personal gain. There is always someone who wants it all without wanting to put in the effort.

Our history is one of bloodshed and crime.

Civilisation is a chimera.