Opher Goodwin – Tory Leadership Bid!

Yes – I have looked at the candidates and think that my pet rat could do a better job than any of these so I have decided to run against them.

Here is my manifesto:

I would immediately revoke article 50 and save the country from ruin.

I will kick all extreme right-wingers out of the party (basically most of them).

I will cut off all ties with big business.

I will plug all those tax loopholes.

I will properly fund all the public services.

I will raise the basic wage.

I would ensure that all workers’ rights are properly protected.

I would overhaul the welfare system to ensure people were treated fairly and given incentives to work.

I will introduce student grants instead of loans.

I will raise taxes for corporations and the rich.

I will nationalise the railways, electricity and gas.

I will subsidise all green energy initiatives.

I would look to protect nature across the whole country and beyond!!

I would then disband the Tory party so that they can never inflict their injustices on us again!

So vote for Opher Goodwin – a Leader who really cares!!

Opher Goodwin for PM!!