The Pornography Wars – A Sci-fi novel

The Pornography Wars – A Sci-fi novel

OpherConexion March 27, 2021

The Pornography Wars – A Sci-fi novel

The new Science Fiction novel is progressing well. I am currently 90 pages into my first draft.

I like to write fast while the ideas are flowing. I try to get a rough version mapped out. Then I go back to it, flesh it out and tidy it up. Then I edit it thoroughly.

I have drawn up a skeleton plan in order to give some structure to the plot. That works as a rough guide.

As I begin the writing the characters come to life and begin to affect the plot. Things change.

I have the ending written and am now on chapter eight out of twelve. I have so far written 33,000 words. This next section I am working on is in a flux. I’m not sure how it will resolve itself in order to get to the ending. But I do have an inkling!

The themes of the novel are fun. I had this idea of writing a story from an alien point of view – an advanced culture of aliens have discovered the Earth. Humans are still very much in their primitive hunter gatherer phase. The alien culture is obsessed with sex. They make the Earth into one huge film set. They control human beings who are made to star in a trivial pornographic soap opera – for mass consumption.

So far there have been seven series of this pornographic soap opera. The humans have been placed in various scenarios each with different levels of society and technology. As they are finely controlled they think it is real. However, all human history is nothing more than a contrived soap opera. Outside the set human beings are still primitive hunter gatherers. Human history is nothing more than a pornographic series of poor quality soaps.

One of the aliens is fed up with the pervading sexual content. She wants the media shows cleaned up.

The future of the show is in doubt.

We’ll see how it develops!