There Is An Art

There Is An Art

Art should challenge.

                Art should offend.

Art can be beautiful.

                Art can mend.

                                Art can be disgusting.

Painting with blood

                With excrement and worse.

Art can drive you mad

                But art can be the nurse.

                                Art is mind-busting.

Art has no worth.

                Art is all there is.

Art fetches prices

                That put dealers in a tiz.

                                Art sends collectors lusting.

Art is the world.

                Art is all of life.

Art is everything

                The thrust of a knife.

                                In art we are trusting.

Art is my life.

                Art is yours too.

Beauty in blood.

                In everything we do.

                                Art in living and rusting.

Opher – 10.3.2023

Strangely, although it doesn’t seem to feature, I was thinking about Gary Lineker when I wrote this.

Life is art. We should be free to express it.

My life is an art and being true to yourself and your feelings seems essential to me.

Art is an expression of feelings, of wonder, of love and hate.

Art should not be harnessed. It runs free.

Words are art. My words are free.

Art is not popular until it is dead.