Nazanin Ratcliffe – Please send this letter to your MP.

Following a message from the Richard Ratcliffe petition site, I am sending this letter to my local MP (the useless Nick Gibb). Whether these things ever make any difference I somehow doubt but nevertheless, perhaps you could encourage your followers to do the same. Every little helps!  Feel free to make any corrections or additions.

Find MPs – MPs and Lords – UK Parliament will find MP’s constituency address.  I think a letter carries more weight than an email.

Dear …..

From what I understand, our government is doing precious little to help with the release of Nazanin Ratcliffe.  If the X million pounds that we rightly owe Iran would implement her release, then why do we not pay it?  We are chucking billions here and billions there, let’s just chuck a few million in Iran’s direction, settle our debt and secure Nazanin’s release.  The way she is being treated is inhuman.  And in case ‘inhuman’ doesn’t quite cut it, try, Barbaric, Heartless, Cruel, Hateful and quite simply, Unkind.

Quite honestly, I despair at this government’s apparent lack of compassion and when I look around at the state of this world we all share, I am deeply, deeply disappointed.

Urge ‘Action Man’ to pull his finger out and DO something, after all, it was partly his fault Nazanin was incarcerated in the first place.

Yours sincerely,

Thanks John Peachey.