The National Anthem should be replaced! It is an establishment dirge!

Antitheist's Dictionary

The National Anthem should be scrapped and replaced with one that isn’t about God, King and Country. In the modern world we do not need any of that outdated crap. There is no god. The King/Queen only got there through barbarous deeds and theft in the distant past, and the idea of countries and nationalism should be done away with; it is responsible for racism, xenophobia, war and territorial stupidity. We need a global perspective and global policies. Corbyn stands against everything contained in the National Anthem – it is really a Tory Party dirge. He did right not to sing it.
You can respect the bravery of our armed forces and celebrate the courage and valour without kowtowing to the establishment. That isn’t his job. His job is to create a better Britain and a better, more equal world.