Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul smashes his own window then turns hammer on himself!!

Donald Trump reveals what really happened!!

The Pelosi’s will stop at nothing to make the GOP and Donald Trump look bad! They are beyond belief!

In order to try to place the blame on Donald Trump for inciting hatred and division they cooked up an evil plan.

Paul Pelosi enticed a psychotic far-right nutcase (pretending to be enraged by Don’s claims that the election was stolen and Nancy was a baby blood-drinking alien lizard in charge of a Democratic satanic paedophile ring) into his house. Once he got the incensed nutcase in Paul pulled out a hammer, smashed the windows out from the inside, turned the hammer on himself, beat his head repeatedly with the hammer, caving his skull in and causing severe brain damage, then passed the hammer over to the Trump follower in his MAGA hat so that the police outside would think that the Trumpist had carried out the attack!

I don’t know – the lengths that some Democrats go to to make Trump and the GOP look bad!!

Of course Don has never incited violence! None of his followers would dream of armed insurrection. Those guns are for show. That wasn’t an insurrection. They weren’t searching for Nancy to kill her. Don did not stir up any hatred. That was a peaceful protest.

Paul Pelosi should be arrested and charged!!

PS – apologies to Nancy and Paul! Terrible to be on the receiving end of such mindless violence orchestrated by people who are acting out of greed and spite.