When the string’s untwined

And you’ve unravelled every thread,

Untied every knot;

The way

The waft and weft

Were wed,

Til there’s no mystery

In the tapestry

Everything’s been said.

You’re at the end of a story

Where relationship

Is dead.

Hung in the comfort zone

Suspended by force of habit;

Staring at the headlights

Like a startled rabbit.

You’ve seen the moment thundering

But lacked the will to grab it.

Now finally as the monster rears

You’ve no courage left to stab it.

OPHER  12.9.99

Many relationships run their course. They start full of promise for eternity, with minds charged by endorphins and gradually disintegrate into scenes fuelled by adrenaline.

The ebb and flow create a difficult choice. No sooner have you gathered your determination than you reconnect for an afternoon of bliss.

It is always shades of grey. Perhaps is the saddest word.

Time and time again you make the decision only to see it melt as the moment approaches.

The moment for ending a once good relationship is always full of regrets.