The Religious Madness Merry-Go-Round.

So another religious Muslim fanatic leaves a bomb on an underground train with the intent of blowing up innocent Christians. They planned it and put the bomb together with the intent of murdering and maiming as many people as possible in the name of god.

The Myanmar Muslim Rohingyas are being massacred by militant Buddhists in a new bout of ethnic cleansing with hundreds of thousands driven from their homes, the torching of villages, shooting, rapes and pillaging. There are bodies lying in the rivers.

The Sunni Muslims are blowing up Shia Muslims and vice versa, targeting mosques and markets. Hundreds of thousands have been massacred and they all believe in the same god.

Religious schools, Madrassas and Jewish and Hindu and Buddhist and Christian schools take in the children to indoctrinate.

Atheist bloggers are hacked to death in India for suggesting religion is nuts.

The Jews and Muslims in Israel are shooting and knifing each other on a daily basis – year after year.

The fanatical Hindu extremists are attacking Muslims in India with clubs and machetes.

Christian priests abuse young children.

Saudi Arabia and Iran continue their power struggles to establish their version of Islam through proxy wars and terrorism.

The fanatical Muslim Taliban are attacking other Muslims in Afghanistan.

The fanatical ISIS are practicing genocide on the Yazidi Christians, taking sex slaves, killing and raping.

The Christians are, or have been, bombing in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Sudan.

Fundamentalist Islamic Boko Haram are on the rampage in Nigeria.

There are many more examples of persecution, intolerance, violence and evil. They all claim to have the only truth, to serve the right god and that all the others are wrong. They claim they have divine right to kill, maim, rape and pillage, to take land and impose their beliefs on others. They are all mad. They are all part of the great Religious Madness Merry-Go-Round.

Buddhist, Jew, Christian, Hindu and Muslim – all on the never ending merry-go-round of hatred, revenge, genocide and ethnic cleansing – all wanting to impose their views on the world – all insisting they are right and all others are wrong. Where does it end?

Well it seems to me, from outside as an atheist, that they can’t all be right. If there is a god, which I do not believe, there is surely only one and she would be the god of all. So why do some believe that she demands fasting, costume, diet, prayer and rites, while others insist of a totally different set of costume, rites, diet? Doesn’t it make a stupidity of it all? Isn’t it obvious that all these religions are man-made?

We need to get off the merry-go-round. Spread the love.