My Poetry Books – They are not poetry books.

My Poetry Books – They are not poetry books.

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There are fifteen books of poetry I have so far published. They are not merely books of poems. Each of these poems is accompanied by an extensive commentary. It covers everything facet of human existence – love, hate, passion, biology, science, religion, travel, the environment, sex, antitheism, social issues, politics, death, travel, the universe……..

There is nothing off limits

They make you think, make you laugh, make you cry and make you smile.

This is unadorned passion. I speak my mind. I am in these books.

If you enjoy my poems or anecdotes why not purchase a paperback of anecdotes for £7.25 or a kindle version for free.

Or a book of poetry and comment:

Rhyme and Reason – just £3.98 for the paperback or free on Kindle

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