Poetry – My Heart is Broken

My Heart is Broken


My heart is broken

As I watch you

Squander everything you once had.


My heart is broken

When you do not read

And fail to inform yourself.


My heart is broken

When I see your gullibility

As you swallow the lies.


My heart is broken

To see you wallow in ignorance

And susceptibility.


My heart is broken

To witness

How they manipulate you.


Opher – 20.11.2019



I have watched with increasing unease as Brexit progresses. I have watched interview after interview with ill-educated people displaying great ignorance and gullibility. It has made me question democracy.

What has happened to the working class?

There used to be a knowledgeable working class who were aware of the social history of this country, who were well-read, who knew their politics and were involved.

They seemed to have exchanged the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist for Love Island and Strictly.

It you throw away your knowledge and understanding you open yourself up to being manipulated. If your knowledge comes from Sky News, the Daily Express, Daily Mail and Sun then you have no knowledge.

Stupidity rules.