My Surreal 1960s first book – Reality Dreams – Chapter 2


Day one begins and you enter.

Welcome, my friend, welcome.

You look around you. Nothing is formed. My work is just beginning.

You are frightened, amazed and mesmerised. You cannot recognise this place. It is a darkness that swells and recedes with the swirl of colour.

You float through the endless depths of the freefall fluids, cushioned and enclosed in an infinity of rainbows which softly sink to caress your skin.

The colours swirl and arouse other sensations. A tangible form begins to emerge from the void. It retreats.

Pressures bear down from all sides. You are enclosed. If you stretch you encounter a rubbery wall of softness. Within this dark prison, cushioned in the inky black waters, you feel comfortable.

Your world must be your mind, my friend. A mind that is, as yet, unknown and unformed.

Welcome, my friend, for I am here.

What dreams do you spin with no experience to base them on? Each day is the same. The past has no substance apart from the warm, hazy colours that float by. What dreams do you dream when you are awake in this pleasant solitary confinement? Do you feel utterly alone, forsaken and abandoned? You are adrift in a universe of your own with nothing concrete to base your reality on.

You are not alone.

In this watery warmth you are closer than you could ever be to anyone else. Yet, even so, you are still separated by a million miles of strange dimensions.

You listen to the distorted murmurs and vibrations that boom around you.

Welcome, my friend, can you hear me?

Day one was a blanket of weak colour. Day two was a miniscule richer. Days merge into a stream of bobbing waves and ebbing hues.

Change is the norm. Do not be afraid.

You are crushed on all sides, painfully in a rubber vice, crushed with no explanation.  In terror. Then released. Then the pattern is set and you, betrayed, can never fully relax again, never trust the world.

Welcome to the beginning – the big squeeze.

You finally burst into blinding light.

Welcome, pea from a pod. You are released to grow in alien lands that you will never fully understand, far from the primeval soothing softness.

Goodbye to gentle.

Welcome to the harshness, the shrieking rush of atoms, the velocity of worlds.


Welcome to the light my friend.

Welcome to the reality of movement, change and screaming energy.

And if in dreams you were to return to the swirling colours, the warmth and peace, all the patterns of before, will you remember what it was? And my friend, will you make judgements on which was the most real?

For here in the mind we create the reality dreams. Should you believe them and wake – what then my friend?

For, with your eyes closed, your mind wandering through the formless patterns within, you are nearer to the truth you seek than at any other time.

Welcome my friend, for reality dreams, and you are a star, and a star is born.