My beliefs – Wonder and Awe

My beliefs – Wonder and Awe

IMG_5990My beliefs – Wonder and AweI believe wonder and awe play a big role in making life rewarding.There are lots of things that fill me with wonder and awe. Here are some of them:Contemplating the universe and infinity.Lying back and looking up into the dust of stars and imagining the countless numbers of galaxies and stars. What might all those planets be like? I am fascinated by black holes, quasars, bent space, the speed of light, infinity, dark matter, Stephen Hawkins, Einstein and Newton, and anti-matter universes.I was told that the estimate is that we only see 4% of what is there.There are days when I could fall up into the sky and float free.Contemplating the microcosm.All around me and inside me is an ocean of subatomic worlds. I appear to be solid yet energy and matter is zooming in and out of me all the time, radioactive particles explode within my brain. There is no solidity. Inside it delves to a different infinity. There are molecules instead of galaxies. Energy roars. Quarks are perpetual motion machines that will keep going until the end.Rocks, mountains, gorges, canyons, waterfalls and icebergs.I am attracted to them. Volcanoes, geysers, minerals and waterfalls. They thrill me. Standing on the rim of Grand Canyon or the Blue Mountains is awesome.Ancient monuments, temples, churches, mosques, castles, walls, and crumbling ruins.I am moved by their beauty, their history and the tales they could tell.Music, art, drama, writing, dance, photography, poetry and all creative outpourings from the spirit and passion of creative people.I can walk round an art gallery in wonder or rock out at the front of a concert or sit and listen to the words and my spirit soars.Trees, wild-life, animals and the natural world.It breaks my heart to see the way it is being trashed. The majesty trees felled, the animals slaughtered, the land raped.Love, sex, friendship and relationship.Love gives substance to my life. My loves and friendships are the lodestone of everything I do. My family is a magnetic pull that centres me. Sex is the nearest I get to magic.Travel.New people, new places, new customs, new sights – it is stimulating. It is mind expanding. It puts your life in perspective. I do not need religion. Spirituality for me is this wonder and awe of being in the midst of such a wondrous place with stupendous experiences.I fill my life and am sated by it.