My beliefs – Creationism

My beliefs – Creationism

My beliefs – Creationism

I do not believe in creationism. I think it is brainless to take the words of a medieval document produced by a nomadic tribe over the well-researched view of scientists.

I prefer my science with a rational basis rather than an indoctrinated posture.

I believe that Creationism is the latest attempt by the religious school of thought to repudiate the theory of evolution.

There are no facts.

There are lots of things we do not know. That is what makes science so interesting. We are discovering and finding new things every day. Our tools are immense and every theory is picked over and tested to the limit. If it stands up to the tests then it has some credibility.

Because something is written in an ancient book does not, on its own, give it credibility.

For me to believe something I have to have evidence and proof. There is no evidence in Creationism. It is completely erroneous.

I believe that to teach creationism to children is fundamentally wrong. It is simply not true.