My belief – The Zeitgeist – we can change the world.

My belief – The Zeitgeist – we can change the world.


I am a very happy, contented, positive character. (Contrary to what many of you may glean from some of my writing).

I am an eternal optimist.

I believe we can solve every problem and make the world perfect. We have the intelligence and problem solving capacity.

I believe in the zeitgeist.

I am not religious – I am an antitheist – I believe religions have created immense harm and are all manufactured by people. I do not believe in God or at least any force that you would recognise as god.

I am a scientist.

I am a scientist who believes that we are only at the beginning of understanding the universe and our own minds. We have much to learn.

I believe that somehow our mental processes produce as yet undiscovered emanations that affect everyone around us. It joins us together into an intermeshing network of minds; we swim in a mental pool created by us all. This is the zeitgeist of the moment.

I have lived through positive and negative zeitgeists. My belief is that we can change the world. If enough of us produce a positive vibe it will tilt the balance of the zeitgeist.

That may sound weird, wacky and naïve to you. It does to me as well. But that’s my hope for the future.

I write so that the nightmares we are creating don’t happen. I want to awaken everyone to what is going on and change the zeitgeist.

I am the eternal optimist but I see myself as a realist. It merely requires more of us! We can make a difference!