Poetry – Music is no good – a poem about freedom


Music is no good

I am happy if anyone else wants to live in the seventh century. I am happy for them to live in whatever costume they like and to apply their own laws as long as I am free to have my say, and that they don’t indoctrinate children, or practice inequality and intolerance.

I despise the blind hatred and psychopathy that is fundamentalism.

I want to live in peace and harmony without constraint.

If there was a god who sanctioned rape, torture and ritual slaughter then I would be forced to oppose him.

This universe is too awesome to have been created by a psychopathic deity.

I love this world – its colour, life and beauty. I love literature, art, poetry, dance, drama and music. I love diversity, love, friendship and fun. I am an individual. I will not be bound, shackled or made to follow any doctrine not of my choice.

I love life.

I do not love death.



Music is no good


Music is no good

Science is no good

Thinking is no good


What is wrong with being free?


Women are no good

Freedom is no good

Dance is no good


What is wrong with freedom?


Film is no good

Other religion is no good

Fun is no good


I will fight to be free.


Love is no good

Individuality is no good

TV is no good


Freedom is a cherished belief.


When good is no good there is a cause.


Opher 14.11.2015