Starling Murmurations in Yorkshire.

The starlings are visitors fron Russia I was assured. They have come over because of the cold in Russia. I took a few videos which do not seem to have come out. It is incredible the way they wheel about and form such intricate shapes. Unfortunately it appears that I’ve missed the best. Many of the birds have already gone.

Thank you starlings for an awesome display.

Mesmerising Murmurations

I wrote this yesterday after watching a murmuration of starlings. It was majestic. It was a bit of alliteration but each word captured a concept, an attribute.

It is a celebration of our life on this planet.

Mesmerising Murmurations


The mesmerising magnificence of murmurations,

Scintillating splendour of sunsets,

Tremulous tendrils of trees,

Bodacious beauty of birds,

Ravaging ruggedness of rocks,

Wavering, whispering of water,

Oscillating overtures of oceans,

Adventurous antics of animals,

Bombastic, bumbling buzz of bees,

Rich revelations of rainbows,

Green gratification of grass,

Beetling busyness of bugs,

Rippling rage of rivers,

Monumental majesty of mountains,

Refreshing restoration of rain,

Coruscating correlations of clouds,

Graceful grandeur of gazelles,

Elegant enormity of elephants,

Fluorescent, frivolity of flowers.

Whispers wondering on the wind,

Sunshine singing from the stars,

Moonlight mesmerising mankind,

Poems prancing playfully,

Dreams dancing dramatically,

Minds meandering magnificently,

Breezes billowing bashfully,

Currents coursing crazily,

Love leaping lasciviously,

Sex screaming sensuously,

All pulsating proliferation of the planet.

Tantalising textures of taste.

Splendour the subtleties of smell.

Tingling tenderness of touch.

Happy happenstance of hearing.

Sublime sensations of sight.

Curious convolutions of consciousness.

Agonisingly alive,

Blithely breathing,

Gaily gambolling,

Nature nourishing, nurturing,

Ecstatic ecosystem,


What a wondrous world!

A unique universe!

A lovely life!