The Psychedelic Paintings at the Norman Church at Garton.

Our friends Mike and Sue told us to visit the Norman Church at Garton, so we did. Mind-blowing colours. Seemed to have a bit of a religious thing going on!

Here’s a few photies!

Parantins – Brazil – a town of murals and art. The Irony of lauding nature.

You couldn’t really avoid the Folklore festival even if you wanted to. The whole town makes its living out of it and is plastered with murals.

We took a pedalo around the place and took in the sights.

The irony is that the pageant glorifies the natural beauty, the animals and natives while those are the very things being systematically destroyed.

Hitting St Ives

I have great memories of Cornwall – it’s ruggedness and beauty. I love its Neolithic sites. We also have a dear friend living there. All the more reason to go for another visit.

St Ives used to be a beautiful village full of arts, crafts, painters, potters and fishermen. An alternative place. It seems to have become a lot more touristy since we last went. It still had its charm and the light was wonderful.

The first morning we set off to explore and poke around.

It was great to see the Barbara Hepworth sculpture! There was Richard Burton the explorer of life. Murals and narrow stone streets.