Dear Mr President.

Dear Mr President (we’re counting the days),
I’m not sure how you can face Thanksgiving with 262,000 American deaths on your hands – all due to your ineptitude. But I bet, you being a sociopath, that won’t bother you too much.
Thank heaven we are finally getting away from the hate and division you have been sowing.
We won’t miss the fake news, conspiracy theories or undermining of science either.
I’m sure you will continue to fire out your lying tweets to your base to try to incite them some more. They sure lap it up. You must be very proud.
What will the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists do without you? Probably much the same – strut around with their assault rifles, frightened to death of Muslims and immigrants, blacks and Hispanics.
Finally, we’ll be able to start putting right some of the damage you’ve done to the environment. We can get back into the Paris accord and start sorting out global warming. Then we can do something about sustainable energy and biodiversity. The day you leave office will be a great day for the planet.
We can also start backing the UN properly, getting back into the WHO and talking to our allies in a friendly manner.
I hope your tax evasion and dodgy deals catch up with you quickly and you spend the rest of your days locked up where you belong.
You’ve been the biggest conman and snake-oil salesman on the planet.
But now you’re a loser!!
Good riddance to you!!