Morality is a human attribute – not a religious one.

My parents weren’t religious and I was brought up with a very good moral compass, a good set of values and a sense of compassion, empathy, tolerance and respect.

I am an antitheist. I believe all religions are manmade and do more harm than good. I am also an atheist. I find the whole concept of a god facile.

I live in the UK which is a post-religious country. I contend that its moral compass is at least as good as any religious country – from the USA to Saudi Arabia.

Religion is not the arbiter of morality.

I brought up my children in a atheistic home but they are instilled with more morality and kindness than most. They’ve grown up to be good, honest, well-adjusted people who do not need religion as a crutch.

Religion certainly is not the seat of morality. Morality stems from human nature. We know what is right and wrong.

I think many have it the wrong way round. Morality comes out of human nature and became entrenched in religion. It did not come out of religion and become entrenched in humanity.