A Slow Handclap to support our NHS and Key Workers

It is very clear what is happening here. It’s the perennial Tory pattern of hammering the low-paid and public servants.

I suggest it might be a better idea to freeze the pay of politicians bankers and CEOs and freeze their bonuses until the debt is paid off.

Better still – if they had tendered properly in the first place, not paid multimillion pound sums to profiteering go-betweens or put paying huge sums to the Tory donors they’ve appointed – we would not owe anywhere near as much!

We are paying for their mismanagement. You don’t get to be among the worst in the world without good reason.

2300 Track and Trace managers on £163,000 salaries – and it doesn’t even work!! It is costing us £57 Billion!!

There is the immorality in hard figures!!!

Public urged to join slow handclap protest against 1% NHS pay rise | NHS | The Guardian