Where is the age of Muslim Enlightenment?

Christianity used to be a draconian religion with rabid fundamentalist values. It adored burning people alive, torturing them and doing the most heinous punishments. The price for not believing was protracted agony and death. Millions of people were hideously murdered in the name of Christianity. Everyone was forced to abide by religious values, wear ridiculous costume and worship.
Fortunately there was a rebellion and an age of enlightenment followed that separated State from Religion. We became a civilised culture with freedom and choice. Centuries of enslavement was swept away. The church lost its power.
Unfortunately this is not true in the Muslim world.
There is no separation of secular from religious in many Muslim states. People are forced to abide by religious dogma. The penalty for not doing so is barbaric – death by stoning or beheading.
In a modern world with universal human rights this is simply wrong. Imposition is wrong! It is time moderate Muslims rose up and created a moderate Islamic response to Islamic fundamentalism. This fascism cannot be tolerated. It needs opposing. That opposition should not be violent but verbal.
Words carry power
Where is the voice of moderate Islam?

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