Slimy Trump has change of tone in order to avoid impeachment!! THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!

Trump, entrenched in his White House bunker, has woken up to what he has done. The response of the public as well as his close allies have been shocked and disgusted by what they have seen and are distancing themselves from him. He’s beginning to realise that he might have burnt his boats.

Yesterday he gave a belligerent speech in which he still falsely claimed that the election had been stolen. He had spent days gathering a huge mob for his ‘Save America’ march. He gave rousing speeches telling them that they had to save the country, that it was being stolen from them and that the Deep State only respected strength. He incited them to march on the Capitol and take the country back.

Taking them on his word this mob of far-right activists stormed the Capitol.

The scenes of them smashing windows, terrifying politicians inside and trashing the place, have disgusted right-minded people. They were clearly seen as what they were – a bunch of thugs.

These are the extreme groups that Trump has empowered and activated. The Neo-nazis, racists and white supremacists, the conspiracy believers, armed militia and QAnon followers. What an unholy alliance of despicable louts and morons. They came to Washington with their flags, clubs, body armour and ropes ready for trouble. They knew exactly what they were doing and had planned it out. Once they were in they made straight for their targets.

Trump wound them up with his lies and conspiracy and let them off the leash.

Now today, the enormity of what he has done has hit home. When world leaders are unanimous in condemning him, when close allies have dropped him and the Republican Party is starting to put distance between themselves and his lies and unhinged behaviour, the public reaction of disgust, he has realised that he has overstepped the mark.

He has committed TREASON.

The calls to have him removed from office or impeached he has woken up to the reality. He could be kicked out with no way back. If impeached he cannot stand again.

I believe that this is not a crime just worthy of being removed from office; it is a huge crime worthy of locking him away for the rest of his life.

The full force of the law should be brought to bear on Trump and the mob that he’d incited!

Following a number of resignations and immense pressure he was forced to climb down.

We have a complete reverse in tone. He now condemns the very people he set loose.

Reading from an autocue he rebuked the mob for doing what he had told them to do and finally acknowledged that there would be a change of administration.

Was he forced to read the carefully prepared script?

Did he do it because he had to?

Was he doing it in order to save his hide?

Who cares???

It was insincere and far too late. We have had far too many lies. We have had far too much empowerment of thugs. We have had far too much division and hate deliberately fostered by Trump.

It is time for him to be held to account for the damage that he has done. He has brought great shame on America! It’s time he was dealt with!

Yes, he should immediately be put out of office. This unstable individual has the nuclear codes. He has the potential to unleash nuclear strikes at any target – Iran, North Korea, Russia, China??? Who knows what he could, in one of his meltdowns, set in motion? He could in the next thirteen days start the next World War.

That doesn’t bear thinking about.

Yes, he should be impeached and prevented from standing again. He has caused so much harm to the fabric of the country. The ghost of Trump looming over the next administration, undermining, spreading misinformation and inciting the dregs of society into more violence is not something to be countenanced.

Over the next few days we’ll see what America is really made of.

We’ll see what the Republican Party really stands for.