Electoral Reform – how badly we need it.

As a country, we stumble from one extreme government to the next. How stupid is that?

Always elected by a minority yet still thinking they have a mandate to bring in whatever mad schemes they want.

The other view is NEVER taken into account!

Even with something as crucial as Brexit, where the country was split, we ended up with the most extreme form. Did the country vote for an extreme form of Brexit. NO!! They narrowly voted for Brexit without a hint or knowledge of the many forms it could take.

Did the Tory extremists of the ERG group consider the other 50% of the country? NO! Not at all. They acted as if they had a mandate for an extreme form. They didn’t. A compromise of leaving the EU but staying in the Single Market and Customs Union would have saved us an absolute fortune, enabled growth and kept jobs safe. A compromise would have recognised that other 50%.

If we had a coalition at the time this would not have happened.

See-sawing between extremes is not good for anyone. First past the post has elected government after government with a very small percentage of the popular vote. That is not democracy. Even Johnson’s ‘landslide’ victory only had 45% of the votes cast (67% of electorate).

Truss is charging in with a bunch of extreme radical policies that will break the country and she has not even been elected!

We need to break this electoral madness and bring back some proper democracy. (Perhaps at the same time we could abolish the lying Tory propaganda papers?)

Time for a change.