Who’s Profiteering?

Prices going up – amounts getting smaller – who’s profiteering?

After thirteen years of cuts and austerity with the Tories creaming off from the top the gross profiteering is coming home to roost!

The Tories have lost control of the economy, inflation and just about everything else.

Broken Britain has been sold to foreigners at bargain prices. Profits are zooming off abroad. Brexit is destroying the economy with red tape, tarifs, delays and customs checks. Immigration is through the roof but labour shortages are crippling business. Wages are down, everyone’s on strike. Workers are penalised while Tory donors are handsomely rewarded.

Cameron, Osborne, May, Farage, Johnson, Lady Mone and hosts of other Tories are walking off into the sunset with massive multimillion pound dividends. It’s alright for them, isn’t it?

What a greedy, selfish bunch!

What a mess!! Not only that but they haven’t got a clue how to deal with it!

Let them eat dirt!

The only good thing that might come out of all this is that we might get rid of the profiteering Tories!!