Don’t you just hate the pseudo-science in Adverts?

As a scientist, I cringe when I hear the pseudo-science being wheeled out in adverts – deliberately deployed to bamboozle gullible punters.

What’s all this bunk about hyaluronidase? Why put that in face creams and shampoos?

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme found in the heads of sperm. Its function is to dissolve the corona radiate around an ovum so that the sperm can get through to fertilise the egg. Why would you want to smear that over your face?

Then there’s all this rubbish about pro-vitamins. What the hell is a provitamin? A chemical that might be turned into a vitamin? What is it then? What good would that possibly do?

The outer layer of skin is dead. Hair is dead. What the hell do they need vitamins for?

I can understand hair and skin being moisturised with oils. Sheep produce an oily substance that protects their wool, keeps it in condition and makes it waterproof. That would be beneficial but it might make your hair and skin very greasy.

Don’t you just hate all these false claims and bosh!