The Big Distraction to Save the Big Dog!! Throw the Dead Cat on the Table!!

It was what Boris Johnson said – when you are losing an argument throw a dead cat on the table. It makes everybody forget. He uses the same tactics to distract from what he is doing.

Incompetent government lies and lawbreaking are glossed over with distraction after distraction.

The Tories are lying gits. Now they are trying to cover up their parties and lawbreaking by saying Keir Starmer did the same!

Lawbreaking and Lying – But Refuses to Admit it.

So the MET Police fines clearly demonstrate that there was law-breaking and that Johnson repeatedly lied! Any honourable man would resign. But we all know Johnson is far from being an honourable man. Lying is his tool in trade. He’s done it consistently throughout his various marriages and careers.

How can anyone believe a word he says?

He says one thing and does the exact opposite!