Johnson the cause of the crisis! Guardian editorial.

It’s about time that the media started pointing the finger at the people whose cynicism, poor judgement, laziness and incompetence has created the disaster we are living in!!

They need to be taken to task for their colossal mistakes and corrupt ways.

Part Guardian Editorial.
Mr Johnson is a master of political escapology. He has undisputed talents as a performer, but they are mostly deployed getting out of the difficulties that arise from his deficient attention span and lack of administrative capability. For his next trick, he will try to turn the Conservative conference in Manchester into a showcase of plans to tackle health inequalities and bring prosperity to all, without reference to the role that he and his party have played in generating the crisis to which he shamelessly then sells himself as the solution. It is an act that wears thinner with each improbable repetition. The prime minister would be well-advised to spend less effort devising new ways to avoid responsibility and more time on the old-fashioned business of competent administration.