My favourite Swamp Blues Guys

This is an easy one. Way back in the 60s I discovered this wonderful album called Swamp Blues. It featured all these guys. They recorded down in Louisiana in bayou country – swamp country. There stuff was on the Excello label produced by J.D. Jay Miller and has a distinctive swampy feel based around that infectious Jimmy Reed beat. I loved it.

I loved those names too. They were magical! That album was special.

Then my daughter moved to Baton Rouge with her job and I was able to check it all out. I tracked down Slim Harpos grave!

Back in London I found Lazy Lester playing in some obscure club and took my youngest son along to see him. A great evening!

The swamp Blues was important. It was covered by the Stones, Kinks and Yardbirds! But the originals are best!

Slim Harpo

Lazy Lester

Lightnin’ Slim

Lonesome Sundown

Silas Hogan

Katie Webster