We really do not need GROWTH!!

We need to start living within our means!!

That is quite simple to achieve!!

  1. Stop paying ludicrous salaries to bankers and CEOs – parasites living off other peoples’ work.
  2. Stop giving ridiculous multimillion-pound bonuses to the wealthy elite.
  3. Start properly taxing companies so that they are not making billions of pounds profits from exploiting people.
  4. Stop paying multimillion-pound paypackets to celebrities and sportspeople.
  5. Create a fairer society with far less inequality, where the poor and needy are looked after, workers not exploited on low wages and nobody ‘earns’ ridiculous multi-million pound incomes.

There is more than enough money for everyone to live well and for the infrastructure and facilities to be excellent. We don’t need to grow the economy. We need to distribute it better with one eye on making a far better environment at the same time.

Truss’s growth strategy is just putting billions and billions more into the pockets of the obscenely rich and getting future generations of the poor and exploited pay for it!