19/11 Ground Zero – 2010 – Photos.

During our trip to New York in 2010 we had to visit ground zero. The debris had been cleared and work was proceeding to make it into the Memorial Park.

It was a very powerful experience to look out at that place where those two enormous skyscrapers had stood.

It sent my mind tumbling through a lot of thoughts and questions:

Great sorrow for the tragic loss of life and the immense suffering.

Sadness that the event should have created the knee-jerk response of the ‘War against Terrorism’ with it’s two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – both illegal – both only serving to exacerbate the situation and inflame the Middle East and Islam – exactly what the terrorists wanted. The only ones to benefit were the radical Muslims. The reverberations still resonate.

Disbelief at the mentality that enables someone to deliberately fly a plane load of people, including women and children, into a building. How callous and uncaring can anyone become? How hate-filled? How zealous and arrogant? The very worst side of human nature.

Disbelief at the cold, calculated planning. It’s on a par with the mentality that builds concentration camps, creates killing fields and uses blanket bombing, napalm or drones. It’s evil.

Despair at religion where fanatics believe that by doing evil they will achieve ever-lasting life. Such gullibility. Such naivety. Such stupidity.

Despair at the cruel, barbarous violence of mankind. We operate on revenge and inflicting pain. It is a stupid vicious cycle we need to grow out of.

9/11 signified the nadir of humanity for me. That and the two wars have made the world a much worse place.

When will we learn.