Featured Book – Green – A Sci-Fi Novel – The Cover Notes

I was fascinated by the philosophical idea of what would a mind be like if it was completely cut off from the universe – i.e. it had no senses. What thoughts, sensations, concepts and dreams would it have. I liked the idea of infinity within as well as infinity without.

I decided to write a novel around that idea.

I then envisaged a futuristic society suffering an environmental catastrophe with a Green Political group that has split with a political group and an underground terrorist group with an extremist wing – a group who believe the world would be better off without people.

I brought it all together in this book. Here is the cover notes:

A Sci-fi novel set in the future. Elspin is born without a nervous system; a brain with no connection to the world. She is locked within her dreams. She should have withered into nothing but against all the odds she prospered. Politicians and Business-people are at each others throats. The world is in crisis. The Greens are split into factions. Passions are explosive. They find a way of contacting Elspin. What happens when universes clash? Will the world survive?

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