Featured Book – Green – A Sci-Fi Novel – Some Thoughts

I wrote this a long time ago. There were two main threads:

One was the philosophical concept of inner and outer infinity. Is the mind infinite? Could an isolated mind grow and have a life? Which is the greater reality – that of the infinite mind or that of the physical infinity?

The other was that of the spectrum of thought and action of those in the Green movement, those who are concerned with what we are doing that is destroying the environment. It ranges from those who think that we can change things by explaining and reasoning, to those who think the only way is through violence and terrorism, to those who see the only way of saving the planet is to eradicate humans.

Elspin was the child with no nervous system. She totally lived in an infinite universe that existed within her head. Her world was green.

Outside the world was in chaos as Big Business existed to make profit at any cost, The Government struggled to retain control and the Green Movement struggled within itself and against both government and business. Would the extreme Greens wipe out human life? Would Elspin break out into the infinity outside?

I wrote the end that I had envisioned but my editor did not like it. It was a philosophical ending that he felt was not satisfying. So I wrote a further ending that did tie things up better and filled that need. He was a lot happier!

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