What We Have! – A poem

What We Have! – A poem

A poem written about the attitude to immigrants but it has a wider context.

What We Have!!

What we have we keep!

Holding back the tide!

Creating problems


We stand together

In this fight

Against the desperate

In their plight!

If we treat them nice

More will come for what’s on offer!

Lock them up! Beat them up!

Make them suffer!

Opher 16.6.2018

What We Have!!

It seems to me that there is an attitude of embattled defence. We feel we deserve to hold on to what we have. We are rounding up the wagons against the encircling Indians. It’s a mentality!

I think it’s time we started thinking globally and started solving the problems that are creating mass immigration:-


Gross inequality

Climate change



Economic disaster


They are all easily solved. They have been created by selfishness and greed.

Who can blame people who just want a better life?

The politicians have used the problems to further their own careers.

Unbelievable levels of Sleaze and Corruption

My computer hasn’t got enough memory for the whole gamut of Tory Sleaze!!

The only reason he sacked Zahawi was because of media pressure.

Sunak’s tax fiddling is all legal! Maybe!!

This Tory government has been a self-serving sleaze machine right from the movement when Johnson chose to go in for Brexit because he thought he could profit from it. Power and cash are all that Tories care about.

Thanks Stuart!!