Farther from the Sun – now available in Kindle

There are no rules.

My latest novel ‘Farther from the Sun’ is now available in Kindle.

It is a mosaic of a novel – a series of anecdotes, commentaries, memories, thoughts and feelings that gel together to form a picture.

The title is the play on words that contains the content of the book.

I wanted to tell my story of a relationship with my father from memories, impressions and thoughts. I wanted to illustrate my own life and how dissimilar and yet similar we were.

This is a novel. It tells a story.

He was born in 1922. I was born in 1949. He fought in the war. I grow up in the sixties. In many ways we could not be farther apart. In so many ways we are so similar. I sometimes feel his eyes looking out through mine.

It is now available In Kindle digital version.

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