The Corona Diaries – Day 202

it was a bit gloomier today with a light drizzle in the air but that didn’t stop me from taking my daily walk. I’m getting Corona Virus fit!!

Back home, once again I’m working on my Roy Harper book and playing some Peter Gabriel.

In Coronaland we are waiting for Johnson to tell us about his next world-beating strategy to tame the beast of Covid. I can’t wait. I think the message is going to be to build a wall across England just south of Birmingham. Everyone north of the wall can die and anyone in the South who get the disease can be tossed over the wall into the North. That’ll work – ground-breaking, world-beating and super-sonic. Building the wall will provide work and stimulate the economy!!

There is a big debate to be had concerning Covid-19 and strategies.

there are suggestions that – surprise surprise – we’ve been following the wrong strategy.

Paul Weston argues the case for completely opening up the economy for all those below the age of 60.

On the face of it that sounds quite reasonable. The suggestion is that those under the age of 60, with no pre-existing conditions, have negligible risk. So we could just isolate those with risks and allow the disease to spread in order to build up herd immunity and allow the disease to die out. That way we would not damage the economy

Sounds reasonable but we would have to have a lot of other questions answered before considering such a strategy.

What precisely constitutes a vulnerable person? What diseases make one vulnerable? What level of these diseases?

How can these vulnerable people be protectively isolated while all those around are infected? Is it possible to isolate them sufficiently?

What would be the effect on people isolated in such a way? Psychologically? Emotionally?

What number of people in the under 60s group would suffer severe symptoms requiring hospital treatment? Would it be enough to overwhelm the NHS?

What number of people would suffer ‘Long Covid’ or permanent damage to organs? And what would that damage be?

What about children and Kawasaki syndrome? What numbers might we be talking about?

We probably do have sufficient knowledge and data to answer these questions but I see no signs of a debate.

I just listened to the Prime Minister give his prepared script and avoid answering the questions – as usual.

I like the tiered systems. I want more details on what numbers trigger them. I want scientific info on why these measures and not others. I want the PM to explain things clearly. I want discussion with local leaders on what would be effective. I would like to see better support for those people who can no longer work – the musicians, clubs, promoters, suppliers, hospitality etc.

At present I seem to have more questions than answers. I’ve been in this artificial lifestyle for 202 days now. I would love some normality, to see friends and family, share a drink, have a laugh, go to the cinema, theatre and a gig or two. This abnormality has become the new normal and it is sapping my energy!!

Enough – I’m going back to writing my book.

Stay safe everyone!!