Creationism – a Fundamentalist Nonsense.

I find this blind fundamentalist view as dangerous as that of ISIS and A Qaeda. Indeed, it is the same. It is extreme and uncompromising and has no room for tolerating those with different views.

Creationists believe that:

the world was created by god in six days

Genesis is a literal truth

The Earth is less than 10,000 years old

All life is predesigned by god

Evolution does not occur

The flood created a new start and laid down all the sedimentary rocks

Fossils were implanted in rock strata by god

Carbon dating is wrong

They believe the writings of a tribe of Arabs in the Middle East thousands of years ago are the literal word of god

They believe the creation myths and writings of all other tribes are not the work of god

They believe science has got it all wrong

They probably believe in tooth fairies, Santa Claus and Easter bunnies. There is as much validity in those as the Sumerian creation myths.

These are the people who are wanting to educate our children. I find that alarming.

Education should be illuminating – not stiffling.

Education should be questioning – – not a shut book.