Poetry – Returning


Each second that we live we dare,

And in death too we give to share,

We are all part of the great cycle

and return to the plants, animals and air.

No atom do we hold for long

No matter how cold and strong

We are part of a great wheel

That holds us all where we belong.

Connected through our DNA

Through the realms of eternity

To life in all its panoply

We have our time in which to play.

The time of stars has different span

To that enjoyed by plant and man

So enjoy it while you can

That is the essence of my plan.

Opher 10.12.2017

Every three months most of our cells are replaced. We change our bodies four times a year. The molecules come in and out. There are no barriers to the recycling. The atoms do not change. We are part of it all.

Nothing of our bodies is permanent. Change is the key.

The only permanence we have is what is contained in our DNA. We pass the codes down through the generations.

Our lives are short. We merely glimpse the magic of the universe and are gone in the blink of an eye. But our codes live on for longer. We live down the generations through our DNA. We are part of the big cycle of life on this planet. Our task is to appreciate it.