Poetry – I Will Scream

I Will Scream

I will scream.

I will beg and implore.

And I will be hopelessly broken like most of the others.

I do not have the bravery to do otherwise.

I know the agony will melt my mind.

And I will tell you everything.

I will do anything to bring it to an end.

I will betray my friends and family –

Even my wife and children.

I will not be able to stop myself.

I know this.

My mind will shriek in white agony until it falls apart.

My terror will dissolve me.

I will be utterly destroyed.

I am no hero.

I do not have the strength of a hero.

I am much too weak and my imagination too strong.

But know this:

Through all that happens,

No matter how much I mean every word I shriek,

Every promise and betrayal,

There will be a tiny part of me

That will be forever

Resolved against you and all you stand for!

Opher 28.1.2016

I Will Scream

I am a writer, a blogger, an atheist free-thinker, a left-wing socialist, a trade unionist and an open critic of State and religion.All of those things would put me at the forefront of the people to be rounded up, tortured and ‘disappeared’.

Fortunately I live in England and that is not likely to happen – though the possibility always exists.

I have studied torture and I know I would not last long. I would do anything to make it stop.

But I also know that there would still remain a small part of me that would remain opposed to everything the fascist torturers stand for.

At this moment in time I am aware that there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of people undergoing the most terrible torture imaginable.

That is an indictment of all humanity.

My only hope is that we are slowly becoming more civilised and less barbaric and callous. Looking back through history, where cruelty and the most obscene tortures were common, it is possible to discern an improvement. Even taking into account the inhuman behaviour of ISIS we can detect a universal improvement. Perhaps one day our species might evolve into a caring, compassionate kind. Hopefully that will happen before we destroy the whole planet.

Until then I shall stand against all abhorrent behaviour.